Friday, September 16, 2005

Thursday, September 15, 2005

On behalf of the regular readers of this blog (well, actually, the poor buggers who try to be readers of this blog, but find there is never anything new to read, Todd) I have been asked to post something here. I will gladly do so, once or twice, but my ultimate goal will be to embarrass Todd into actually posting on his own damn blog. He's written some great stuff as comments on other blogs but seems to be a-feared of his own blog, although he initially expressed an interest in having it in the first place.
It's gotta be 'cuz he's 40. Todd feels that now that he's old (in your late 30's you can rationalize that you're not really old; trust me, I know) ... now that Todd is old he should confirm to the traditional role of old people and have an unnatural distrust technology.
Todd, you old dummy, the technology distrust starts at 50! Sometimes even 55 if you're lucky. Even an old codger like you can still start blogging at 40.
So start.

We're waiting....

Tom (in lieu of Todd)