Friday, December 02, 2005

Down through the Chiminey comes Old St. NIKE! And speaking of great gift ideas...

Hi folks. Before reading today's entry...

Check out...

Then come back.

You back yet?


First... this guy finds the coolest stuff. I mean seriously... I howled at that picture of the kid for five minutes. (With only a little snarling and foaming at the mouth thrown in.)

I just wanted to thank Bill for attempting to stem the flow of propaganda about this red-suited consumerist poster-boy!

Buy! Buy! BUY! Newer! Bigger! Louder! That's what all this "quaint" fixation on the sack of goodies has brought us to!

But now the jig is up. Bill has burst the Saint NIKE-olas myth and cleared the table so that we may give due consideration to more worthy Festive Icons like... uh... Easter Dead Guy!



Oh yeah!

Christmas... uh... Dead Guy.

And while I'm busy praising the wit of others...

If you want a laugh and some intriguing insights into a wierd internal landscape check out the T. Gregory Argall blog. For no particular reason... start with this one:

There's a lot of funny stuff there, including the T. Greg's overt plea for you to send him money. Not directly of course. You get something in return.

Y'see T.G.A.'s a writerly type guy who's written some pretty funny stuff. Much of it is written for that most dead (but no less entertaining for all that) art form: Live Theatre.

Well... now you can buy the T-dot's work for cheap and giggle the night away your own self.

Okay so... Obviously, not everyone wants to read a play...

(Especially after what those reductionist mind-numbing jag-offs ---we called 'em "teachers" back in the '80's--- put us through back in highschool "English" class.)

But this is different, better and can actually be fun.

And let's face it... it's cheaper than going to SEE a play.

Even if you had the chance/time/money... and who does?

And the good news is T.G.A. tends to muck about on the really funny side of things which means --unlike most plays--- these're actually entertaining just to read.

But I can "go ya" one better. You don't care for plays? T.G.A. always aims to please and has produced a collection of humourous pieces that is well worth the RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP PRICE! For those who enjoy the sort of stuff he comes up with for his blog (for free) this collection ---appropriately titled "Out of My Head"--- really is a must-have. (There's a link to it below.)

And if you don't want it... buy it anyway, give it to a friend or just sit it on a shelf, it's quite pretty.

And tying this in with Bill's whole Xmas/consumermism thing...

Yours truly has joined the ranks of indie-authors... we're like the indy music scene only with better hygiene. Oh... and fewer groupies.

WAY fewer groupies.

Like T. Greg... (an insider tip for you: those who know him call him Tom) much of my writing over the past decade has been for the stage.

But most of it has been pretty darn funny... except for this one

which is frankly creepy as all hell.

Only three of my works are currently available for sale but the rest of my catalogue, including my now-famous collaboration with T.G.A. on the really damn hysterical "Self-Help for Dummies" will be coming along soon.

So all you indie musicians/artists out there, whose efforts and ambitions I've been supporting for decades... and anyone else who still enjoys the thrill of receiving something exciting and fun in the mail instead of just bills... check it out.

We've been hammering our way through keyboards for a long time now...

We wouldn't waste your time... if we put it out there, you can bet there's something in it for you!

P.S. Both T.G.A. and I are fine if you want to lie to your kids about Santa... as long as "Santa" delivers something we wrote.

The online works of TMcG

The online works of T.G.A.

And keep checking... there's a lot more to come from both of us. And thanks for your support.

PLEASE NOTE: on orders from Lulu ANY ORDER OVER $25 is FREE delivery but you have to select the Supersave Option... it doesn't do it automatically.

There... I just saved you so much in mailing charges you can now order both of our complete catalogues in good conscience.

Happy Spending... please...?