Monday, January 09, 2006


Just throwin' this one out there for discussion.

"Submitted for your approval" as God Serling might have said.

Jon Stewart has been quoted as referring to Canada as the "nice loft apartment above the country and western bar of us [the U.S.]" or something close to that.

Here's some of what Canadian songster Ian (poet, comedian, actor and brother of SCTV's Dave) Thomas wrote in the liner notes from "right before your eyes; an anthology"

"It's been three decades since Painted Ladies and nature has saved me a tidy sum in hair salons. Britney Spears' navel is selling CDs while mine might hold a couple.

"I'm glad I managed to stay in Canada, although the reasons are hard to express, much like trying to decide what being Canadian really means. We're like Australians without the joy - Americans without ammo or the Swiss without numbered bank accounts.

"Celebrity in most countries means being admired and respected . Canadians don't usually respect their own unless they leave country and then they think you're a failure if you come home." - Ian Thomas

I've got a lot to say on the subject (what else is new) but right now, I'd just like to see what anyone who might still be checking this thing out has to say.



Blogger Robert said...

When I was a kid, Canadian meant being slightly self effacing, but this has definitely changed.

Being Canadian now seems to mean being fiercely proud of, well, just being Canadian and all things Canadian.

6:35 AM  
Blogger Billp said...

Two comments I often trot out when the subject comes up:

1) There was a write-in contest I've seen variously attributed to magazines, radio shows and newspapers, but which I think was a Morningside item originally. The goal was to complete the phrase "As Canadian as..." You know, like "As American as apple pie." After numerous hockey and donut themed entries, the winner that was finally selected was "As Canadian as possible under the circumstances."

2) A comment of my own, that I feel is a fairly accurate assessment. "Americans think they're better than everyone else. Canadians just think they're better than Americans."


1:45 PM  
Blogger Gord said...

Ian Thomas was partially correct. Canadian's don't usually respect their own, unless they're on the CBC. Then we can't freakin get rid of either them or that stupid chicken cannon!

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Trixie McG -ktfkr said...

I don't think that's respect Gord... its just that there are only 2 male actors out there didn't you know (unless you count Tom Green and who does really?) - Rick Mercer and the other guy who is in Red Green and was on Traders etc etc (he at least I like). As for women, its Meaghan Follows, Sonia Smits or Cynthia whatever the hell her name is.

Yeah. We have a star system in Canada... but unfortunately they've all been around so long they've collapsed, gone supernova and are now big sucking useless black holes.

Gee do you think being around TMcG is rubbing off on me? (Don't say it.)

8:32 AM  

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