Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stuff I Inflicted on Rob's Blog

Lately whenever I do this I find myself ranting or philosophising away on other folks blogs. Then I have no time to create content for my own.

Let me borrow a few of my own words back by way of making amends for inconsistent output here. (It'll make me feel better anyway.)

On Rob's excellent and thought-provoking political blog Take Off, eh? He had posted the following about Canadian politcal apathy:

I sent this by way of reply:

Or is anyone interested at all?

Is it possible there's something more fundamental behind our collective yawning?

These guys... that Canada's embarrassingly low voter turnout isn't because Canadians are lazy and apathetic (my favourite justification for everything that I can't be bothered to think about)

Rather, they suggest that Canadian's are acutely aware... if only intuitively... that their vote doesn't really count for anything.

Is this true?

Are these folks crazy?

Should I stop asking questions?

Will Ashley tell Jordan she's carrying Kyle's baby?

Why doesn't Kyle carry his own 11 month old infant?

Sorry... got off track for a minute there.

My point is... should we all be fighting for this kind of reform?

Or would that be stupid?

I know Rob knows more about politics than I do because... well, everyone does.

So I'm interested to hear what he has to say.

His reply is here.

All this got me to thinking about something else which I also posted on Rob's blog. But I'll post it separately.


Blogger Robert said...

The word "inflicted" never occured to me. ;-)

I am working on my follow up post.

10:49 AM  

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